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ATRIX recruits specialized profils for its clients in medical field

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The specialists of recruitment in medical environment

ATRIX recruits specialized profils fot its clients in medical field
Here are some testimonies by foreign physicians:

Occupational physician

I am the specialist in occpational medicine. Unfortunatelly, my situation in Spain was not very good and at the very beginning I thought it would be very difficult to find a job in France, but with the help of ATRIX International everything was much simpler. They accompanied and advised me in all the steps: an interview, the administrative procedures and the improvement of my French, they were always available and ready to dispel any doubts of mine. Thanks to them I could finally get my permission to practice in France and now I see a new future for me and my family. I thank you for everything.

Occupational physician

After more than 30 years of experience in clinical practice, ATRIX International gave me the opportunity to practice the occupational medecine in an atmosphere that respects, protects and defends the physician and the staff. Mrs Sofia Sousa, from the beginning gave me all the support required throughout the life changing process. I am very satisfied with all the steps of my installation in France.


I am very satisfied with my relation with ATRIX International which allowed me to accomplish my setup project in France. Their professionalism, friendliness and availability have greatly simplified this change so important for my career and my life. I want to thank especially Mrs Manuela Chotoklieva who was always there for me when I needed it. I strongly recommend ATRIX International to all doctors who whish to make a positive change in their professional life.

Occupational physician

My collaboration with ATRIX International helped me to accomplish my career project in France. After the presentation of various offers and with the advice of HR manager of the Health Center, I am going to visit my future employer. ATRIX supported me in all steps, for instance to join the Chamber of Physicians, in integration in France and supported me until I started working.


What about our cooperation I can only express a very favorable opinion, whether the professional point of view or the personal one. Competence and professionalism. I think that you Mrs Dobos have been very gentile and I keep the very good memories of your colleague Mrs Longo, who was very competent in conducting the job research in the French medical environment.