Different types of our expertise


ATRIX recruits specialized profils for its clients in medical field

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A successful professional project

Complete your professional project

ATRIX INTERNATIONAL provides a personalized support so that the integration of the doctors and their families in France is successful! Our goal is to help you find the right balance between your professional project and your personal wishes.

Our guarantees

We take charge of your project from the first contact until your actual integration in France.

We will accompany you throughout all the necessary steps; (choosing the best contract proposal, assisting in the enrollment to the Order of Physicians. Also the Family integration in France, such as the enrolment in the kinder garden or school, as well as finding accomodation, etc).

ATRIX INTERNATIONAL maintains a long-lasting connection with all the recruited doctors in order to monitor their careers. Our team consists of recruitement agents with different nationalities, which allows us to communicate with you in you native language, and making everything easier and more effective. Our expertise and comprehensive knowledge in the medical sphere are real garantees of succes.

Process of the Recruitment